Monday, January 19, 2009

David Marks Class at Woodzone

Today I had to good fortune to attend a workshop day with David J. Marks , craftsman, artist, teacher and former host of DIY networks Woodworks. Today's class focused on router template inlay and double bevel marquetry. We also learned about sharpening card scrapers using water stones.
The class was held at Columbia South Carolina's Woodzone. David had taught 4 classes over the weekend and Monday was listed as an all day workshop. This is the second year that the nice folks at Woodzone have brought David to Columbia to teach and give workshops.
David is in the process of building a school of woodworking in Northern California and spends the winter months travelling the country teaching classes at events like this one. From here he was on his way back to California for one day then off again to Houston for more classes.
Many of you know that our friend Marc Spagnuolo spent time with David when he was planning to leave the world of lab science and move into full time woodworking. I had on my The WoodWhisperer T-shirt , David recognized it right away and asked about Marc and The Woodwhisperer website. While setting up the router inlay bushing on the router provided by the store David noticed that there was a screw missing on the base, I was standing there talking with him at the time so he used my Dewalt plunge router instead, (I may never wash it).
After the template routing David showed us his double bevel marquetry technique that gives you a perfect fit inlay every time. Instead of my trying to describe it here click on the link above for a video David has placed on Youtube of the technique. I have to say, that I've never done any inlay other than a few dovetail butterfly's but using David's method I was able to create my own design and put it in wood in just a few minutes as was most of the class.
I haven't taken many woodworking classes but I have to say that this type class with this class of instructor is something I plan to repeat. I feel that I've reached a plateau in my skill level and classes like this are pushing the bar higher.

Thank you David for your time and talent today and for opening up new avenues for my woodworking, I plan on incorporating some Harvey Ellis designed inlays into a piece in the near future.

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.
Steven Wright


Shannon said...

What a great souvenir to hang in your shop! Did you use the double bevel technique for the frog and then a router template to inlay the circle into the background?

treeline said...

Really I got excited.Too good.Thanks!