Monday, October 20, 2008

Craftsman Inlay

Back in February I had a post about Arts and Crafts inlays, today I was looking through the Fall 2008 issue of Style 1900 and I came across an ad for a new site specializing in Stickley and Ellis inlays in wood and metal. The guys at Craftsman Inlay offer reproduction inlays in a sheet of veneer ready to be included in your latest masterpiece.

They also offer custom inlay creation services from your images. I'm sure that the number of inlays that are offered will increase as their business grows.
The following is from their website.

About Us
The two of us share a passion for creating beautiful wood products
and for Arts and Crafts furniture styles. Combining our interests and
talents motivated us to start our company, Craftsman Inlay. Most of our favorite
Arts and Crafts designs include custom inlays, so it was a natural move to
re-create some of our favorite metal inlays from the designs of Ellis and
Stickley. Their designs were only produced for a short time, so we are
excited to bring these great designs back into production and offer them at
reasonable prices.
Dean Orsborn and Ben Brunick

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Margaret said...

These are so, so beautiful, Brad! Thanks for sharing them!