Sunday, October 19, 2008

Craftsman Tool Cabinet. Part 3

With the final dryfit complete I disassembled the case and gave each piece a final sanding and started thinking about the glue up. As you can see, there are quite a few parts to this cabinet so you have to start with some sub assemblies. First I glued the vertical dividers to the thicker of the horizontal dividers and then I added the top divider. I clamped this assembly with a squaring block while I get the other parts in line. Starting with one side flat on the bench I placed the sub assembly in the corresponding dadoes. I glued the small vertical divider to the thick horizontal divider, I followed this with the shelf. Repeat with the next small vertical divider and the bottom shelf. I added the lower horizontal divider. I glued in the bottom dovetails and the two top stretchers. Finally I started the other side on the dovetails, painted some glue bottom half of the pins and the top half of the tails. I started banging the side down with my fist while lining up the interior dividers to meet with the dadoes on the side. Amazingly everything came together pretty easily. A few clamps to hold everything tight and I let it sit overnight.
Once the clamps were removed I attached the top to the case with some glue and a couple of screws in the back to help support the french cleat. I finished the cabinet with a coat of dark walnut Watco Danish oil, followed by a couple of coats of shellac. I cut a 1/2 inch thick plywood back and painted it dark green. I attached the plywood to the back with brad nails along the edge and across the stretchers.
I cut a french cleat to attach to the back to go with the cleats that I have around the shop wall. I also added a block to the bottom of the cabinet to hold the cabinet off the wall the thickness of the cleat.
Now I can take my time and make the doors and the drawers. The door inserts and the drawer fronts will be out of Ambrosia Maple.

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Shannon said...


What an amazing difference that green plywood back makes! Much easier than doing a shiplap back and will offer great strength when wall mounting. I love the finish and the more traditional wood choice. Excellent work as always. I am itching to start on mine now.