Monday, February 25, 2008

Byrdcliffe Wall Cabinet, Pt. 3

The Byrdcliffe wall cabinet completed with three coats of Watco Danish Oil Natural and one coat of Watco Liguid wax Light. The oil darkens the poplar and highlights the contrast in the grain.

My logo branded onto the inside of the door.

The inside of the cabinet with a stop block on the lower left corner.

The rare earth magnet inside the upper hinge.

A good view of the purple, black, and green colors of the poplar.

The complete project ready to be hung on a wall.

Another shot of the relief carved iris, hand colored and blended. This being my first hand carved project I think it came out really well. In the original the iris was just carved around the outline, I tried this at first using a small round burr on my dremel tool but I was not happy with the results so I decided to outline the flower and carve away the background leaving the flower and leaves flat.

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Margaret said...

It looks great! I love the effect of the oil and the flower panel turned out really well. Your logo is great--the frog looks so neat!

Ronald Jones said...

I found your blog post on this Byrdcliffe cabinet while reviewing the Popular Woodworking article. You cabinet turned out great. The wood selection and your approach to the iris relief carving are excellent touches. Did you build the other PW Byrdcliffe piece, the linen press? I'd love to see photos if you did.