Thursday, December 11, 2008

the Ulitimate guy present

I was walking in Lowes yesterday trying to decide what to get my brothers for Christmas and I bumped into the ultimate guy toy.
It is a $1600 stainless steel toolbox from Kobalt.
This behemoth holds 4000 lbs worth of tools, probably more than even the most diehard car nut has. It has LED lights in the upper lid. All the drawers run on ball bearing full extension guides and are lined with thick rubber padding in Kobalt's trademark blue color. You have to plug this bad boy in to power the lights and the stereo system, but it has a protected power strip on the side. It has a Pioneer CD player with its own speaker's and a connection for your iPod.
What looks like a cabinet door on the lower left is actually a refrigerator for "refreshments" and snacks.

While I am a wood guy and not a car guy, I can see why someone would lust after one of these babies. I can see this parked in a spotless garage with an epoxy painted floor next to a vintage sports car that only sees the road on sunny weekends. A car thats something that you work on and polish, a car that looks really great sitting next to your Stainless steel huge toolbox.

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Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

That's what I'm talking about right there.

Now it would be Awesome if it had Climate control also, this way it would keep your tools from Rusting in the Moister LOL

I don't see this in too many Peoples shop because who would want to put there greasy tools and the likes in this masterpiece?