Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wooden iPhone cases

Something else interesting I found online that I thought you'd like to see, MJ Dinsmore is making and selling wooden cases for the iPhone, iPods, and Nano's at his Etsy site .

This first picture is a case for a Nano, its made from mahogany with sliding dovetail ends.

His iPhone case in Mahogany with inlaid stripe. From his site;
"Go green by buying brown -- brown wood versus wrapping your iPod in harsh plastic. It has two coats of danish oil and three coats of hand rubbed Carnauba wax for the finish."

I think its cool and very nice looking, but if you have an iPhone, you hardly ever put it away, so who needs a case? But if you want to keep your iPod from getting scratched in your bag its a very elegant solution.
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Michael D. said...

Thanks for the nice comments Brad. I don't think its really that practical for an everyday iPhone case, but if you need to 'pack it away' for a trip or something then it'd be suitable.

I actually have more iPod Touch cases available (such as this). This is ready to throw in your backpack, briefcase or purse. The design keeps the iPod safe from accidental spills when you are at the coffeehouse or you throw your backpack into the closet.

Chryste said...

Wow..! Those are really very unique and beautiful wooden Apple iPhone cases.

Margaret said...

That is really neat, Brad! What an interesting idea. When I was looking at cases I was amazed at how many of them were made from plastic. It's nice that people are offering alternatives.